Samir Aksekar
Samir Aksekar


Samir Aksekar

Welcome to my online home. This is a collection of my thoughts and writings as i unlearn my best loved ideas and learn to feel at home with the unknown.

My Story

I’m a native of Mumbai, living in Singapore since 2010. I enjoy living here as the discipline, structure, rules & regulations enable freedom - freedom to build things, to innovate in a safe ecosystem and take down what does not work. The various systems are beautifully integrated and i’m enjoying every moment of it with my wife & 2 little ones. 

Across the last 18 years, a voice within me kept repeating - step out of this rat race. I now seem to have an opportunity to do precisely this - slow down, take a pause, un-learn & reinvent myself again and again. An article by Yuval Noah Harari got me thinking - What do my little ones need to succeed in 2050? How can i help my kids be better prepared?

The  merger of globalisation & Information Technology has revolutionised everything - every job, every industry & every home. What skills are required to succeed in this new environment? The last thing people need is more information. The answer may lie in a not so new concept - interdisciplinary learning. A process which takes inputs from different disciplinary domains, applies it to real life scenarios, and provides an insight not previously available. 

As the pace of job destruction and job creation is increasing, students entering today’s workforce will not only need to change jobs several times in the course of their working life but also need to change careers. According to Andrew Ross (2012), “no one, not even in the traditional professions, can any longer expect a fixed pattern of employment in the course of their lifetime.” This means that you must learn to be flexible and develop a broad range of cognitive and technical skills that you can apply as your jobs and careers change. Interdisciplinary learning provides you with the cognitive abilities and values that will enable you to integrate information and synthesize new solutions. 

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